Wellness Quest 2014……Update

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So…….I’ve been doing pretty good with my micro goals within the Wellness Quest. Still no Diet Coke, trying to cut out the unsweetened iced tea as well.  The tea I have not been able to kick just yet.  I HAVE cut way down on the eating out as well. I actually cooked a couple of meals in the last couple of weeks. ;o)

planking I’ve also added a bit of strength training into my day. I actually tried planking. As you can see by the picture, it seems like an easy enough thing to do. Well, try it. I’ll wait.

How long did you make it before collapsing into a heap? A second? Two? If you can hold a plank for a full minute, I totally salute your amazing core strength! Meanwhile, I keep adding one second a day to my planking. Someday my core will be as strong as all you awesomely fit people out there. Meanwhile, I’m up to a full 20 seconds!!!

Hey, I gotta start somewhere. I’m building up my energy levels slowly after being so incredibly inactive for so long exercising woman ! Exercise is NOT the first thing on your list when you are trying to stay pregnant….But I digress. So as the Flylady advises, 15 minutes of loving movement a day should be your minimum you are getting in to your busy schedule. So I may not be swimsuit model material just yet, but doing something positive for myself every day is helping to put a smile on my face.

Next up is trying to cut out all processed foods and added sugars. SIGH. That means I’ll have to actually cook more probably. Did I mention I am NOT a cook? Oh well. It’s for my own good. And it helps me achieve my goal of actually enjoying my hard earned vacation. I keep repeating that in my head whenever I lose focus on what I am trying to accomplish. VACATION  VACATION  VACATION…..A pretty good mantra.



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