Spiritual Wellness


Spiritual wellness can have different meanings for different people. Spiritual wellness – whatever that means to you personally– has a huge impact on your wellness. Within the scope of creating balance in our lives, the component of Spiritual wellness is important from our perspective as it involves :

  • working toward peace and love
  • finding meaning in every day
  • developing a purpose in life
  • having a clear sense of right and wrong, and acting accordingly
  • caring and acting for the welfare of others and the environment
  • being able to practice forgiveness and compassion in life for yourself and for others
  • asking yourself whether you live each day consistent with YOUR values, principles , morals and beliefs
  • learning to live each day in a way that is consistent with YOUR values, principles, morals and beliefs
  • making room for gratitude in your life
  • (and it may or may not involve participation in an organized religion)

All of the above can in turn foster and contribute to creating and maintaining a healthy balance in other aspects of wellness, for example: Finding meaning in every day life can be beneficial to ones Emotional Wellness due to the fact that one may feel more optimistic and happy,  while having a clear sense of right and wrong, and acting accordingly can be beneficial to ones Occupational and Social Wellness as they are better able to function and interact appropriately and morally.


NOTE FROM DAWN & KATE: For us personally, we make no claim to a religion or church.  We believe that the points listed above as they pertain to Spiritual Wellness and just being a decent human being are what keep us grounded, honest, loyal, compassionate and sincere in our lives, both personally and professionally.

We believe that we all have the right to choose our avenue of spiritual fulfillment and wellness so that we can best share our talents and make a meaningful contribution to the world!

NOTE FROM DAWN: My “spiritual” awareness or feelings are not necessarily anything that I can put into words.  I do not feel that someone has to see colors or feel the earth move under their feet to be or to feel “spiritual” nor do they need to feel as if they have to talk about it.

I believe in my heart that my “spirit animal” is the dog, I think some quizzes told me another animal.  Guess what, I know myself better than a quiz.  I do not feel the need to conform or meet a criteria or hold myself in comparison to someone else’s idea of spirituality in order to cherish mine  The point is this: when you’re seeking spiritual wellness and balance in your own life, look within. I really like what Dr. Wayne Dyer had to say in the following graphic.


While some people may  seek to fulfill their spiritual needs within a church and or within an organized religion, some may find it through meditation, volunteering, gardening, painting…. it is whatever spirituality means to you – and finding ways that mean the most to you and will have a huge impact on your wellness. 


Perhaps you may find the “keys” to spiritual wellness helpful in creating and maintaining your spiritual wellness, whatever that means to you and that it will have an impact on your over all wellness:

Keys to Spiritual Wellness 1. Seeing yourself as you really are.
2. Actively seeking “the good” in life, even during hard times.
3. Thinking before acting
4. Learning to know when to hold on and when to let go.
5. Recognizing and setting healthy boundaries.
6. Learning how to respectfully communicate feelings and not
repressing them.
Yours in Wellness,Dawn & Kate