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Wellness Makeover Wednesday: 12/2/2015- Physical Wellness

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wellness Makeover Wednesday. This week we are going to talk about physical wellness. Obviously, all forms of wellness are related, and each physical activity has benefits for your emotional, spiritual and even social wellness. Physical activity of some sort should be a part of your every day life.  There are many different ways you can incorporate movement into your life. Basic things like taking the stairs whenever you can, parking further out when you go shopping so you can walk a bit more. Put some music on while you are cleaning house (my favorite) and dance around.  If you can’t commit to actual exercise every day, at least get as much movement as you can.

Wellness Makeover Wednesday

There are many ways to get exercise. You can do the usual, joining a gym, but that depends on you actually showing up and putting in your time. Find an activity that suits your personality. A gym offers a menu of things you can do to get active. You can join a class of some sort, anything from spinning, to Zumba. There is something for everyone. But if you find that you are dragging yourself to the gym, dreading the time you spend there, find some other way to get your movement. Not everyone enjoys this activity.

Wellness WednesdayThere are a lot of classes that you can join, that can motivate you to stay active. There is everything from regular aerobics, to dance and even Zumba. Or maybe you would like to try belly dancing? Anything that you look forward to doing will be something that will keep you active.

Wellness Wednesday

There are many gentle and mindful ways to get movement into your life as well. These include things like yoga and Tai Chi. Gentle movement is still movement and helps keep your body functioning at its best. You don’t have to exercise like crazy to get the health benefits of movement in your life. As the saying goes, use it or lose it. And yoga can be practiced anywhere.

Wellness Wednesday

One of the best ways to get exercise is to walk. Walk anywhere, anytime. Bonus if you can do it outside in good weather. Walking is a weight bearing exercise and its benefits are many for your health and wellness. All exercise helps your body work the way it is supposed. And all exercise is good for your mental health, reducing stress, reducing blood pressure and making your muscles, including your heart, stronger. And it can be done alone, or with a friend or friends.

Wellness Wednesday

The point is to move your body every day. A lot of us spend ridiculous amounts of time chained to a chair at a desk every day, and that is not good for our health. Try to incorporate some loving movement into your life every day to improve your physical wellness. It a big part of taking good care of yourself.

Yours in Wellness,
Dawn & Kate

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