Kodi’s Bio

kodi head shot

8 paws young


 Siberian Husky
State: Illinois
Rescued from animal control in Chicago. Made a BIG impression on his older sister the first time they met and she agreed to let us bring him home.

Fun facts:

 *Rescue named him Skecher, but name changed to Kodi because he is totally codependent on his older sister.
* When he was first adopted, there were two female human family member who he liked to chew on whenever they visited.
* Has irritable bowel disease, has to be very careful what he eats or there are CONSEQUENCES.

Favorite food:

Everything NOT on his special diet.

Political views:

My sister is the Queen of everything…..

Human Mom:

Kate Costello (Click here for her Bio)

Dog Sister from another mother:

Jazlyn (click here for his bio)