Emotional Wellness

Our Wellness Makeover topic for today will  focus on “Emotional Wellness”.  As we create wellness and balance in our lives, yet again we remind you that balance and wellness are not an end stage but a continual process of change and growth.

Speaking of stressful times, we realize that this time of year is stressful for many.  I know of a few people who are also celebrating their first Christmas without a loved one this year. The Holidays bring about a lot of additional pressure for many to spread themselves thin: time, money, patience, etc. To make things worse, there are several other factors that contribute further to the stress because those Holiday Cookies are not healthy and the weather outside may be frightful (depending on where you are living) and in an effort to meet gift giving expectations many create (additional) financial strain for themselves.


We are hopeful that some of the following tips and trick will be useful and helping you in your Wellness Makeover and creating, achieving and maintaining your Emotional Wellness, not just during the Holidays but all year around!

For starters, how would you describe your ability to:

  • be aware of and accept your feelings, rather than deny them?

Yeah, I know, we sure ask you to ask yourself a whole lot of questions.   But in asking these questions we believe that you may be better equipped to create your balance as it pertains to your emotional wellness and how and where you are in need of a wellness makeover. Habits that may improve your emotional wellness might include:

  • Try not to obsess or stew or brood
  • Maintain and protect your self esteem
  • Do not let rejection determine your self worth
  • Get enough rest
  • Pay attention to how food affects your mood*
  • Avoid dwelling on the past: you do not have to forget the past, accept it and learn from it and move forward


  • Identify and use your individual strengths
  • Set realistic goals
  • LOVE yourself!
  • Discover and maintain Mindfulness

*Click HERE for a great resource of Nutrients Scientifically Proven to Make you Feel Awesome


How can Mindfulness Help my Emotional Wellness?

Mindfulness may actually be one of the best way to help us get in touch with our own and others’ emotions. Having a healthy approach to the way we pay attention can lead to being attentive but without judgment. Research shows hat practicing mindfulness and especially mindfulness meditation, may improve and address various medical and psychological difficulties.


By creating, achieving and maintaining Emotional Wellness we enable ourselves to maintain satisfying relationships, deal with conflict and remain grounded during stressful times.  Furthermore, balance within the other dimensions of balance are key to your emotional wellness.