About Kate Costello

About Kate Costello


Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs.  I am a wife and mom of one very fluffy furkid.  My biggest ambition in life was to be a mom.  Didn’t quite work out for me.  Apparently, I have been walking around with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis since I hit puberty.  It is an autoimmune condition that in its very basic form is trying to kill my thyroid.  It flares up and gets better at seemingly random intervals.  But, staying away from gluten, dairy, soy and processed foods helps a lot.


This condition went undiagnosed until I was in my 30s and met my husband.  After we got married and started trying to have kids, things weren’t going quite as planned. I spent four years doing fertility treatments of every imaginable kind without any success. According to all my test results, I am perfectly healthy and normal. (Sadly, I have since learned that without having T3 thyroid medication in addition to your regular levothyroxine, you are exponentially morel likely to miscarry) I just can’t sustain a pregnancy. Longest one was just over 12 weeks. Unexplained infertility they call it.


So now I am into a new chapter of my life. It has been quite a transition from planning for a family for so many years, to adjusting to life without the kids we expected to have. Along the way, I have certainly grown in my understanding of what it takes to keep myself and my loved ones healthy.  We eat healthy, stay active, and most of all work on being happy every day.

Lots of Experience

I like to share what I have learned along my journey and love to learn more from other peoples’ experiences.  Traditional medicine has not worked very well for me, so I am always seeking ways to live a healthier life through better nutrition, activity, and a positive attitude. Please feel free to share your own insights and what works for you. We are all individuals and more information can help us make better decisions for our own health and wellness.

Staying Healthy

Weight is always an issue with hormonal imbalances, including but not limited to all the fun stuff that comes with PCOS, like insulin resistance and extra weight around the middle. Thyroiditis also contributes to insulin resistance, so sticking to a low glycemic diet and gentle exercise along with the right supplements have really helped my overall health. I learned a lot through trial and error the past ten years. Always remember to advocate for yourself and your family when it comes to healthcare. Doctors these days tend to be so overbooked that they just don’t have or take the time to really dive deep into what might be ailing you, and you might have to switch around thanks to any insurance coverage changes. You know yourself the best. Feel free to pick my brain on any of these subjects.


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