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About me


Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs and a little bit about me.  The world has gotten much too loud, fast and busy for my sensibilities. I’ve always dreamed of living in a small cottage in an evergreen forest, with a babbling brook nearby and a cottage garden where I can grow my own food and flowers. Where the sunshine filters through the tall evergreen trees and the seasons gently change as the years pass.

Dreams Deferred

As the years have piled up, and I am still not living in my dream home, I have started creating the world of Blue Cedar Grove in words and pictures. It may never exist in real life for me, but I can escape for short bits of time into the world I want to create for myself. And this place that I dream of may not exist in this world, but I can work toward building an intentional life and live a bit more aligned with my dreams. Slower, gentler, kinder and surrounding myself with the trappings of what I love and makes me feel safe and happy.


While some people complain about getting older, I am grateful for every year I get to spend with those I love. I have earned every wrinkle and gray hair that I have. While sometimes I am surprised by the changes as I get older, I tend to celebrate every single one. Society and commercials bombard us with a gazillion products or procedures to keep from aging, and staying “young” as long as possible, that just seems like too much work and way too much money to maybe stave off aging for a short while. Why can’t we just enjoy this stage of life? Why do we need to fight it instead of embracing it? There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting older, in fact it is a privilege denied to many. I’d rather have adventures, and enjoy life than worry about not looking like I’m 20 anymore. Aging gracefully should be about taking care of ourselves, which means eating healthy food, moving our bodies every day, and doing more of what makes you happy and lights you up.

Lots of Experience

I like to share what I have learned along my journey and love to learn more from other peoples’ experiences.  Traditional medicine has not worked very well for me, so I am always seeking ways to live a healthier life through better nutrition, activity, and a positive attitude. Please feel free to share your own insights and what works for you. We are all individuals and more information can help us make better decisions for our own health and wellness.

Staying Healthy

Keeping active both mentally and physically can help us get the most out of life. The standard American diet (SAD) has not done us any favors over the years. We can try to eat a more balanced diet, with more veggies, protein and fruits before donuts and pizza. As my grandmother used to say, everything in moderation. Fuel your body and mind with good things. And live your life to the fullest.

Yours in health and wellness,