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A resource for customized wellness products & services
in addition to fun & inspiration for wellness for your body, mind & soul.
The Life Balance Team arose from our original approach to offering “Custom Body Therapy” by working with our clients in setting and achieving their wellness goals by educating them on how to apply natural lifestyle approaches to facilitate the body’s own natural healing by offering access to  Customized Massage Therapy  as well as other wellness services and products.
It is our firm belief that balance is not something that you simply find, we believe that it is something that you create. Creating balance for oneself can be an individual process and a personal journey. As the people, things and situations evolve and change around us, our quest for creating balance is cyclical as a result. We understand firsthand the cyclical nature of the creation of balance in our lives and we are honored to be able to share with you and have you share with us your goals, experiences, thoughts and feelings as we all strive to create balance in our lives, within ourselves.
Customization is important to us, because as much as we are all the same, we are each and everyone one of us, unique and different. One size fits all beliefs when it pertains to weight management plans, dietary needs and intake, lifestyles, etc. do not work for everyone. What works for one family member may not work in its entirety or at all for another. What works for you at 30 something may not work for you at 40 something. We are fortunate to represent a reputable company that provides many products and services that are customized to you and your unique needs for the long and short term. From a personal standpoint, we both know firsthand the effects of hectic lifestyles and how the desire to take care of others makes it easy to forget about taking care of yourself. We also know about the benefits of taking the time and making time to care for yourself in spite of it all.
As Life Balance Team Leaders, it is our goal to share with you and inspire you to find ways to feed your body, feed your mind and feed your soul on your journey to creating your balance. Additionally, we recognize that the creation of balance within one’s life is as uniquely different and precious as that individual. There is no true one size fits all approach.
The Life Balance Team truly hopes that our customized products and services and just as importantly our daily doses of humor and inspiration via our site, page and other social media outlets may offer you access to that which you may need to feed your body, mind and soul. So, clear your mind and open your heart to the belief that your self care is the first step in creating balance. Whether it is laughing at a quote or being inspired by it, finding a healthy recipe for your favorite comfort food or learning about a product or service that helps you in meeting your wellness goals, we invite you to join our community.
We look forward to sharing what we have learned, what we are discovering and how we have benefited from healthy eating, proper supplementation, bodywork, exercise, positive thoughts and thinking, and alternative means of health & wellness… benefits that are endless and afford you the ability to better care for yourself and your loved ones. Also, we will share stories of what may or may not have worked, the highs and lows, what inspired us to try something new or combine options.


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