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This, Not That with The Life Balance Team

Getting healthy and managing your lifestyle can hard! The truth is, even if you make all of the right lifestyle choices, the hours you’re racking up at the gym won’t give you the results you want without a healthy, balanced diet! We are excited to share with you the products we love that help us stay on a healthy track. Find out what healthy swaps you can make to turn heads this summer with our This, Not That with The Life Balance Team.

This Not That


Choice Energy Bars, Not Protein Bars


When you’re just trying to make it to that appointment on time, get the kids out the door, and stay on top of work, it’s easy to grab a bar and go. But, that’s only helpful if the bar you’re grabbing doesn’t leave you hungry as you’re staring at the empty wrapper! The truth is most protein bars contain more sugar, hydrogenated oils, and carbohydrates which lead to a blood sugar roller coaster that puts you in fat-storing mode. How does that help when that’s you were trying to avoid in the first place?

Instead, reach for a Choice Energy Bar in Vanilla-Caramel Crunch or Brownies + Cream! With 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, TLS Choice Energy Bars curb hunger and increase energy with 40%  fewer calories than leading protein bars on the market!

MochaTonix, Not Coffee

There’s no denying that the 3 pm crash makes a second or third cup of coffee sound tempting. But it’s a temptation you need to resist! Sure, coffee has a number of health benefits but drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages late in the day can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule, cause jitters and – depending on your intake – damage your health. Fortunately, you have a great alternative right at your fingertips that provides energy without putting your sleep, health, and performance at risk! The best part? It’ll help add an edge to your fat-burning efforts!

MochaTonix is a potent mental enhancer that increases alertness, concentration and clarity much better than your average cup of coffee. It even helps to re-supply critical amino acids and hormones lost through the over-consumption of caffeine! With it’s patented ingredient, Advantra Z®, MochaTonix helps burn fat and increase physical performance through lipolysis + giving the body’s metabolism a dramatic boost to aid your weight loss efforts!

Isotonix Turn Up, Not Energy Drinks



If you’ve ever been to a convenience store, gas station, or pharmacy, you’ve probably noticed the tiny bottles and large cans labeled “energy-booster” or “energy shot”. It sounds great, especially if you aren’t a coffee-lover. But, while the convenience factor might seem impressive, the impact on your weight loss goals and overall wellbeing may be a cause for concern!

If you’re reaching for these energy boosters as a way to boost your weight loss progress, think again. Not only are the high-sugar contents of many products adding additional empty calories to your day, but the sugar alcohols in the reduced-calorie competitors aren’t doing you any favors either! These can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, not to mention the crash that comes later!

Instead, try ripping open a packet of your Isotonix Essentials™ Turn Up! These convenient packets contain a custom blend of vitamins, amino acids and minerals designed for anyone who needs a daily boost. The formula not only increases energy, but it also helps improve mental acuity and promotes cognitive health, all without the questionable ingredients of commercial drinks.

TLS Shake, Not a Break-Room Snack

It’s no secret that the mini-krullers and candy bars lurking in the break-room aren’t making you feel or look any healthier. But, that doesn’t make them any easier to avoid when you’re blood-sugar dips and your willpower begins to waver! If the sheer amount of sugar alone doesn’t deter you from making a b-line for those treats, not to worry – that’s what your TLS Shake is for!

Whether you prefer whey protein, plant-based protein, or a nutrition shake instead, TLS Weight Loss has the product that fits your lifestyle! Each one of their shakes contains a balanced blend of essential vitamins and nutrients to nourish your body, plus the right amount of protein to keep you focused and satisfied. Just grab one of our TLS Shake recipes here and you’ve got a smarter, healthier choice ready to go to keep you on track day after day!


Isotonix Women’s Health, Not Capsules


Beauty, wellness and a radiant glow start from within, and none of us can fake a naturally healthy look!  Creams, serums, and pills branded with wellness claims line grocery aisles, and it can be tempting to grab one or four. But, what are you getting in that bottle?

Chalky pills that you’ll push to the back of your cabinet because you dread choking them down each morning?

Tubes filled with watered-down ingredients, cheap binders, and harmful fillers that mask poor health?

Tablets that never fully absorb, wasting the hard-earned money you just spent?

When you need to take charge of your wellness, choose something that can keep up with the superwoman lifestyle you’re leading. Let Isotonix Women’s Health back you up! In one convenient stick pack, you’ll receive the nutrients that support a healthy complexion, bones, teeth, joints and skin, while providing antioxidant protection for your entire body. So while you’re out there making healthy choices and staying active, let Women’s Health fill the rest of the gaps!


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